Teresa Thomas

Ready, Set, Connect

Facilitator, networking expert and professional speaker Teresa Thomas energizes and empowers! In her highly interactive style, she packs her presentations with “how-to”s, humor and inspiration, leaving people excited about creating meaningful connections that help them to accomplish their personal and professional goals.

People leave Teresa’s workshops and seminars with practical networking strategies that are ready for immediate implementation, all while gaining confidence in the process. From undergraduates to graduate students and from recent graduates to seasoned professionals and business owners, Teresa provides helpful hints designed to put attendees on the fast track to networking success.

Equip your team, staff, members or students to gain critical skills needed to master networking and to proactively build their support network before they hit a crisis point. Teresa provides networking presentations, trainings, and facilitated networking mixers each including practice sessions in a relaxed environment.

Speaker and Networking Expert

Rave Reviews

  • “You do an outstanding job with the networking training for our alumni and student mixer! This is one of the best things our career office has offered to our students over the past couple of years. It really helps students to get comfortable with networking and prepare for a job search. And the alumni find it useful, too.”

    Director of Career Services Humphrey School of Public Affairs University of MN

  • "I have gone to several networking events and presentations in the last few years so walked into the meeting with a little attitude. I was really blown away by you and your ideas. I appreciate your honest, human, and intelligent approach to networking. So many 'motivational' speakers come off as intimidatingly superhuman and I feel like they encourage bluffing, posturing, and networking techniques that don't feel right for me. You were none of the above! I left with concrete ideas I can use."

    Jane S. Kerr
    Events Sales Manager

  • "You masterfully facilitated a networking activity with over 250+ business professionals at the start of the event. The electricity and energy in the room was amazing. Clearly many relationships were formed from some of the connections made at the event. You were able to encourage conversations and introductions that wouldn't have taken place were it not for your networking activity. The attendees were extremely engaged. We greatly appreciated your contributions."

    Patty Sagert
    Campus Director

  • "Teresa gave an engaging, informative and practical presentation on the value and skill of networking. Teresa has great presence and a high level of professional competency that allows her to connect with her audience and gain their trust in a short period of time. Couple this with great content and we had a wonderful afternoon. Well done!"

    Michael Hawton
    Operations and Business Development Executive

  • "I truly enjoyed Teresa's presentation! It is everything I believe works in business sales and promotion. Building meaningful relationships, being true to yourself and having passion...all necessary in achievement both personally and professionally."

    Beth Rubin-Gabor
    Event Producer

  • "Our faculty has received rave reviews from both students and employers. We're looking forward to working with you again."

    John Mindiola III

  • "Teresa is not only a SUPER-NETWORKER, she is a natural and authentic connection maker. She continues to impress me with her approachable, friendly demeanor that just makes you feel like you "belong." As a speaker and workshop facilitator, Teresa brings her ability to convey her knowledge in a way that audiences can easily understand and immediately apply to their networking efforts for better results. She would bring a level of excellence to any event or group interested in improving their networking and professional relationship building skills. I have been a power-networker myself for more than 20 years and even I continue to learn from Teresa. Essentially, the moral of the story is, "it takes one to know one!" Teresa is the real deal!

    Theresa French
    Transformation Speaker

  • "I've been fortunate to be able to attend many of Teresa’s events, from small networking gatherings to large conventions. I’m always impressed at her ability to emotionally connect the audience with her message. The trust she builds with the audience creates a helping learning environment; after her talk, I've noticed that attendees approach each other with a little more ease than when they came into the room.”

    Katrina Hase
    Graphic Designer

  • "Teresa made it very fun and interactive with the audience while providing useful tips. She provided great networking examples from her own experiences that made it less intimidating than the usual tips offered. I have been able to put her tips to work to make myself better at networking and impromptu conversations. She was also very easy to work with in arranging the presentation." (An update from Stacy, two years later: "That networking tips session you did for our group has come up several times as a favorite.")

    Stacy Pearson
    Project Manager